Bottled Water Brands

Bottled water has become a staple in our daily lives, especially for those of us who are constantly on the move. It’s convenient, easily accessible, and provides a quick solution to quenching our thirst. But have you ever wondered about the different bottled water brands available in the market? Let’s take a deep dive into the world of bottled water brands and explore their unique characteristics.

1. Evian

Originating from the French Alps, Evian is one of the most recognized bottled water brands worldwide. The water undergoes a 15-year journey through the heart of the mountains, during which it acquires its unique mineral composition. The brand is committed to maintaining a sustainable environment and aims to become a 100% circular brand by 2025, meaning all its plastic bottles will be made from recycled plastic.

2. Fiji

Fiji Water is sourced from an underground aquifer in the remote Yaqara Valley of Viti Levu. The water is naturally filtered and purified through volcanic rock, which gives it a unique mineral profile and a smooth, soft taste. Fiji Water is known for its iconic square bottle and its commitment to clean water initiatives in developing countries.

3. Voss

Voss is a Norwegian-based brand of bottled water that sources its water from an underground aquifer in the pristine wilderness of Southern Norway. Known for its distinctive cylindrical bottle, Voss offers still, sparkling, and flavored water options. The brand is also committed to sustainability, with its bottles being 100% recyclable.

4. Dasani

Dasani, a brand by the Coca-Cola company, is purified water enhanced with minerals for a pure, fresh taste. The purification process includes reverse osmosis and ozonation, which ensures the water is free from impurities. Dasani also offers flavored and sparkling water options, catering to a variety of taste preferences.

5. Aquafina

Aquafina, a product of PepsiCo, is another popular bottled water brand. The water undergoes a rigorous 7-step purification process, which includes reverse osmosis and other filtering methods. This process removes substances that may affect the taste and quality of the water, resulting in a clean, pure taste.

6. Nestle Pure Life

Nestle Pure Life is a globally recognized brand that provides purified water. The brand ensures its water goes through a 12-step quality process, which includes reverse osmosis and distillation. Nestle Pure Life also offers a range of flavored water options, providing a refreshing twist to regular water.

7. SmartWater

SmartWater, a brand by Glaceau and distributed by the Coca-Cola Company, is vapor-distilled water with added electrolytes for taste. The brand is known for its sleek packaging and its commitment to sustainability, with plans to transition to 100% recycled plastic bottles.

8. Poland Spring

Poland Spring, originating from Maine, USA, offers naturally sourced spring water. The water is collected from multiple springs in Maine and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its quality and taste. The brand is also committed to sustainability, with initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and ensure responsible water stewardship.

In conclusion, while all bottled water brands provide the essential function of hydration, they each have unique characteristics that set them apart. From the source of the water to the purification process, from the packaging to the brand’s commitment to sustainability, there’s more to bottled water than meets the eye.

However, it’s important to remember that while bottled water is convenient, it also contributes to plastic waste. Therefore, whenever possible, opt for reusable water bottles and tap water, provided it’s safe to drink in your area. After all, staying hydrated is important, but so is protecting our environment.