Ginger Ale Brands

Ginger ale, a carbonated soft drink flavored with ginger, has been a popular beverage choice for many years. It’s not just a refreshing drink, but also a home remedy for nausea and upset stomachs. The unique blend of sweetness and spiciness makes it a favorite among many. But with so many brands available in the market, how do you choose the best one? Let’s take a journey through some of the most popular ginger ale brands and explore what makes each one unique.

1. Canada Dry

Canada Dry is probably the first brand that comes to mind when you think of ginger ale. Founded in 1904, this brand is known for its light, crisp taste with a robust ginger flavor. Canada Dry prides itself on using real ginger in its beverages, which is a significant factor in its popularity. The brand also offers a diet version of its ginger ale, allowing those watching their sugar intake to enjoy its refreshing taste.

2. Schweppes

Schweppes is another well-known brand in the ginger ale market. Established in 1783, Schweppes is often credited with creating the first commercial ginger ale. Schweppes’ ginger ale has a more robust flavor compared to Canada Dry, with a stronger ginger taste and a slightly sweeter profile. Schweppes also offers a diet version of its ginger ale.

3. Seagram’s

Seagram’s is a brand that has been around since the 1850s and is known for its less sweet, more ginger-forward flavor. Seagram’s ginger ale is often described as having a ‘mellow’ taste, making it a great mixer for cocktails. The brand also offers a diet version, ensuring that everyone can enjoy its unique flavor.

4. Fever-Tree

Fever-Tree is a relatively new player in the ginger ale market, having been founded in 2005. However, it has quickly gained popularity due to its commitment to using only the finest natural ingredients. Fever-Tree’s ginger ale is made with three types of ginger, giving it a complex and vibrant flavor. It’s less sweet than many other brands, making it a favorite among those who prefer a more ‘grown-up’ taste.

5. Reed’s

Reed’s is a brand that takes a different approach to ginger ale. Instead of being a carbonated soft drink, Reed’s is a ‘real ginger beer,’ meaning it’s brewed with ginger and a variety of spices. This gives Reed’s a much stronger ginger flavor than most other brands, along with a spicier kick. If you’re a fan of ginger, Reed’s is definitely a brand to try.

6. Bruce Cost

Bruce Cost is another brand that offers ‘real’ ginger ale. Made with fresh ginger and pure cane sugar, Bruce Cost’s ginger ale has a rich, spicy flavor that’s a far cry from the light, crisp taste of brands like Canada Dry. Bruce Cost also offers several flavored versions of its ginger ale, including Pomegranate with Hibiscus and Passion Fruit with Turmeric.

7. Bundaberg

Bundaberg is an Australian brand known for its ginger beer rather than ginger ale. Bundaberg’s ginger beer is brewed over three days, resulting in a deep, complex flavor. It’s also packaged in a unique, stubby bottle, making it instantly recognizable.

In conclusion, there’s a ginger ale brand out there for everyone, whether you prefer a light, crisp flavor, a robust, spicy kick, or something in between. So why not try a few different brands and find your favorite? After all, exploring is half the fun!