Tea Brands

Tea is more than just a beverage; it’s a ritual, a comfort, a health booster, and for some, a way of life. From the misty mountains of Darjeeling to the lush green landscapes of Sri Lanka, the world of tea is as diverse as the regions it hails from. In this post, we’ll explore some of the top tea brands that have made their mark on the global tea industry.

1. Twinings:

Founded in 1706, Twinings is one of the oldest tea companies in the world. With over 300 years of tea blending expertise, Twinings offers a wide range of teas, from classic black and green teas to herbal infusions, fruit blends, and specialty teas. The brand is known for its iconic Earl Grey and English Breakfast teas, which have become staples in many households.

2. Tazo:

Tazo is a brand that thrives on creativity and innovation. It offers an eclectic mix of teas, including traditional blends and unique creations like Passion (a hibiscus and citrus blend) and Zen (a green tea with lemongrass and spearmint). Tazo’s commitment to sustainability is also noteworthy; they work with the Ethical Tea Partnership to ensure their teas are sourced responsibly.

3. Harney & Sons:

Harney & Sons is a family-owned American tea company known for its high-quality loose leaf teas. The brand offers a vast selection of teas, from traditional blends to rare estate teas. Their beautiful tea tins and sachets make for great gifts, and their commitment to quality has earned them a loyal following among tea connoisseurs.

4. Teavana:

Owned by Starbucks, Teavana has made a name for itself by offering a wide range of premium loose leaf teas and tea blends. From classic black and green teas to exotic white and oolong teas, Teavana’s selection is impressive. The brand also offers a variety of flavored teas, herbal infusions, and wellness teas, making it a one-stop-shop for tea lovers.

5. Dilmah:

Dilmah is a Sri Lankan tea brand that prides itself on offering “single-origin” teas, meaning their teas are grown, harvested, and packaged in Sri Lanka. This allows Dilmah to maintain complete control over the quality of their teas. Their selection includes traditional Ceylon teas, flavored teas, and specialty teas like Silver Jubilee Gourmet, a selection of rare and refined teas.

6. Yorkshire Tea:

Hailing from the UK, Yorkshire Tea is a brand that’s all about doing things ‘proper.’ They source their teas from the top ten tea gardens in the world to create a strong, rich, and satisfying brew. Their commitment to sustainability is commendable; they’ve pledged to plant a million trees over five years as part of their commitment to a greener planet.

7. Numi:

Numi is a brand that’s all about authenticity and sustainability. They offer 100% organic, non-GMO, and Fair Trade Certified teas. Numi’s selection includes everything from classic black and green teas to unique blends like their Turmeric Chai and Chocolate Pu-erh. Their commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable packaging sets them apart in the tea industry.

8. Lipton:

Lipton is arguably one of the most recognizable tea brands in the world. Known for their black tea, Lipton also offers a range of green teas, herbal teas, and flavored teas. Their Yellow Label Tea is a global favorite, and their commitment to sustainability is evident in their Rainforest Alliance Certified teas.

In conclusion, the world of tea is vast and varied, with a multitude of brands offering a plethora of choices. Whether you’re a fan of classic blends or adventurous infusions, there’s a tea brand out there for you. So, put the kettle on, brew a cup of your favorite tea, and savor the world in a teacup.